Batman and Fatherhood

I had the opportunity to guest post at one of my favorite blogs, and I am posting it here as well.  It wasn’t long after being introduced to Batman that my son began talking about Batman’s Daddy.  From what I gather, he’s basically bigger, older, and has more authority than Batman.   Such as, “No one can touch … More Batman and Fatherhood

It’s A …! Having Children Irresponsibly

Our daughter and two sons were very excited about the little baby in mommy’s tummy and hoped it was a girl.  I guess because getting tackled from behind by a rough boy can take a toll on anyone after a couple hundred hits.  My wife and I returned after the ultrasound. “Guess what?” we both smiled, “IT’S-A-BOY!!!” … More It’s A …! Having Children Irresponsibly

Re-Thinking Rainbows

Recently, I’ve seen a lot of rainbows that look like this: I almost forgot about the ones that look like this:   In fact, in the middle of a spaghetti dinner, a rainbow -no, a double rainbow, appeared through our window.  We greeted it with some shouting, dancing, God-thanking, and more dancing. Attempts to return the kids to dinner … More Re-Thinking Rainbows

Finding True Happiness

I loved having the opportunity to review Fr. Spitzer’s latest book, “Finding True Happiness: Satisfying Our Restless Hearts.”  Because, come on, who doesn’t want that?  Not at all what I expected from a priest, I think, because he lays the foundation as a scientist.  His analysis of the role of your subconscious or unconscious thoughts … More Finding True Happiness