Gratitude in the Dark – a Thanksgiving reflection

“Home is the place where, when you have to go there, They have to take you in.”  Robert Frost once put it, perhaps too aptly for some of us. If that’s how we feel about our families, why should we look forward to Thanksgiving? Can we maintain excitement about sitting around the table with our … More Gratitude in the Dark – a Thanksgiving reflection

Batman and Fatherhood

I had the opportunity to guest post at one of my favorite blogs, and I am posting it here as well.  It wasn’t long after being introduced to Batman that my son began talking about Batman’s Daddy.  From what I gather, he’s basically bigger, older, and has more authority than Batman.   Such as, “No one can touch … More Batman and Fatherhood

It’s A …! Having Children Irresponsibly

Our daughter and two sons were very excited about the little baby in mommy’s tummy and hoped it was a girl.  I guess because getting tackled from behind by a rough boy can take a toll on anyone after a couple hundred hits.  My wife and I returned after the ultrasound. “Guess what?” we both smiled, “IT’S-A-BOY!!!” … More It’s A …! Having Children Irresponsibly